Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a rather broad category that incorporates many forms of advertising and marketing. It’s the most recognizable types of marketing, encompassing the advertisements that we see and hear every day. Most traditional marketing strategies fall under one of four categories: print, broadcast, direct mail, and telephone.
There are good reasons business owners rely on traditional marketing: When it’s created and executed well, it can produce results.

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The Process

how we brought this idea to life

Know Your Target Audience – You’ve got to know your audience. Understand who they are demographically (age, gender, education) as well as psychographically (behavior, attitudes, interests).
Select Your Channels – After you have determined which channels your customers currently use, you’ll have to consider the channels’ strengths and weaknesses. Be certain they will be able to help you reach your business objectives.
Pay Attention to Brand Consistency – While messaging should be tailored to each individual channel, you must be certain your visual brand identity remains consistent across all. This goes beyond having a logo present and entails having an overarching design.
Develop Content with Repurposing in Mind – Creating content for one channel on a consistent basis is challenging enough, creating for multiple channels consistently can feel diabolical. To get the best results make sure that every piece of content you develop can be used in multiple places.
Get all Team Members on Board – If you have multiple people working on different projects within the same integrated campaign, you’ll want to be sure all team members are on the same page so messaging and band image stays consistent.
Track and Adjust – As with any campaign, an integrated effort requires the right analytics to determine whether or not you’re hitting the mark and seeing enough conversions.

The Purpose

and reason why we brought this idea to life

The reasons have as much to do with the benefits the mediums offer:
Print: At their best, newspapers and magazines are viewed as trustworthy and credible, often engendering intense loyalty among longtime readers. Print also offers the advantages of providing a targeted audience at an affordable price.
Broadcast: The ability to reach a large audience has long been the primary advantage of TV and radio. But attaining such reach can be elusive for many business owners, who often cannot afford TV and radio spots.
Direct mail: Marketers “in the know” also know that studies repeatedly show that people like going through direct mail and depend on it to make purchase decisions. Studies also suggest that such “hard copy marketing” is easy for people to process and recall.
Telephone: More than a way to hold a conversation, the phone has become a ubiquitous form of modern life, with people using it to communicate, read news, shop, research, organize their day, socialize, gossip and play games.

Traditional marketing still works for businesses of all sizes. These strategies can be reliable ways of keeping your business in the public eye and generating new business without breaking the bank.

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