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Product photography is a branch of photography, which accurately and attractively represents a product in advertising. Commercial photography is another term referring to advertising and marketing as it is intended to promote and sell a service or product. Areas of such use include lifestyle, food, architecture, and portraiture. The principal application of product photography is in product catalogues and brochures, with a proportion of product images also being used in advertising.

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    Berlintexx | Fresh Mood Bakery | Kida Kozmetikë | Serenata Korçare

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    • Photography
    • Color Theory

The Process

how we brought this idea to life

Planning the Shoot – You should have an idea of how the shoot day will proceed before you ever enter the studio. Get organized. Gather any materials you’ll need for the shoot, research answers to any burning questions, coordinate with photographers and models, and generally make sure everyone’s on the same page.
Prep your Studio – Consistency is key in product photography. You want to maintain a consistent appearance from shot to shot and shoot to shoot so document your setup thoroughly.
Style your Product – Make your products look their best by preparing them prior to the shoot and then styling each product between shots.
Capture your Shot – The actual capture of your image should be fairly simple after you’ve completed preparation and setup. Proper prep will let you enjoy the moment.
Process your Images – After you’ve captured your images, it’s time to process them. Your basic post-production objective is to facilitate browsing and increase conversion rates through high-quality and low-bandwidth images.
Review and Publish – Whether you outsource or edit your images , they should be reviewed by another person for both content and compliance with technical specifications.

The Purpose

and reason why we brought this idea to life

Product photography can set you apart from your competitors and deliver you those all-important sales leads.

Increase search and Social Mobility – Making your brand more visible is the first step to generating awareness and sales. This means that your photography should not only be professional but should also be highly distinctive and branded.
Enhance your Image – In an attempt to cut through the noise, marketers are constantly employing visual tricks to attract user attention.
Strengthen Brand Identity – Building a strong brand identity is only ever achieved by illustrating the core values of your business, from your logo and tagline right down to your preferred tone of voice.
Build Trust – Far from being able to touch and engage with products as they would in store, customers shopping online only have the imagery you provide to get an idea of exactly what you have for sale.
Increase Conversion – Getting your product photography right can be beneficial to your business in many ways, yet its primary purpose is likely to be centered on converting customers and increasing sales.
Appeal to Mobile Audiences – It’s no big secret that more audiences than ever before access the internet through mobile devices, so appealing to potential customers that are on the move is crucial.

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