A Welcome to Design Angle

from Our devoted Team

Design Angle is an advertising studio based in Tirana, and operating internationally. It all started with the mission of creating a studio that values design. Since the beginning our goal has been providing measurable full-service branding and marketing solutions to everyone. Experience has confirmed that this is the cornerstone for a successful business and we have helped our clients attain this goal.

This means we’re well-equipped to meet the challenges of today’s sophisticated audiences, demanding high quality and standards. We help our clients decide “What’s Next”, and by closely working with them, reach the desired branding and marketing goals. We strongly believe in leveraging our clients’ expert industry knowledge with our branding, advertising and marketing expertise. Our studio credo is rooted in a deep understanding of the project’s objectives and we take great care to listen to our clients’ needs. Design demands more than making things “POP”.

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We research and gather as much information as we can to help us better understand our clients’ needs. We know that powerful storytelling is the best way to a great user experience, and analysis can help us further enhance that experience. Our expertise across insight, brand building and creative storytelling enables our clients to get fit for the future, no matter when we join them on their journey.

To do this requires a unique culture capable of supporting diverse talent and ideas. We call this collaborative way of work, blending thoughts. It’s central to everything we do; letting us take ideas from concept to strategy, development and production, launch and evaluation as quickly and efficiently as possible. We exist to help our clients easily embrace the creative changes needed to improve the image of their business.

Our Thought Process

and the Perseverance that brought Us here

The list of principles Design Angle will keep growing upon:

  • Be Realistic. Know what you can achieve and reach for it.
  • Share and collaborate. Be part of a productive team.
  • Don’t try to convince anyone you can do it. Do it!
  • Failure is an experience. Learn from it.
  • Own it! Mistakes are yours as much as success is.

Design Angle believes creativity can be harnessed to build ideas otherwise not feasible. By integrating all disciplines: creativity, psychology, user experience, technology and pure love for the work we do; we achieve great results throughout the entire project. Design Angle focuses on the brand’s entire ecosystem, and enables new user experiences that drive growth.

Our values in unison with our principles fuel our drive at Design Angle. It’s a reflection of where we’ve been and they help envision where we’re going.

Our mission is to take care of your business image, creating outrageously awesome user experiences that work hand-in-hand with custom marketing campaigns. We work in unison with you to support, grow and evolve.

We are committed to provide products and services that benefit and assist you and your business achieve your brand vision. We bring your ideas to life, through creativity of design and intelligent business solutions.

Design Angle is dedicated to deliver results-oriented design, branding, advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns that enhance our clients’ brand awareness, improve their sales and foster their growth. We try to achieve these goals by following our values and principles also by keeping up with the latest design trends. That said we are not afraid to make some of our own trends. Our team is always getting up to speed with new technology and programs, achieving good collaboration with our suppliers and always having something new, different and unique to offer in the market.

The Best of Our Skills

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The Team in Delightful Detail

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Do you want to join Design Angle?

Do you feel you have what it takes to keep up with high standards and a tough market?

Do you think you can make it in an agile environment. How quick on your feet are you? Can you handle the pressure and constant necessity for improvement? How well do you take criticism? Let us know what would you like to do at Design Angle.